A Step in the Right Direction

Learning Programmes

Tui Room

2 - 3 years

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken the joy in creative expression and knowledge."

Albert Einstein

In the Tui room our children are gaining an increased language base with a greater ability to regulate their emotions and explore their sense of self. Our experienced teachers offer intentional learning experiences that allow new knowledge to form.

The Tui room children are gaining independence while at the same time needing the knowledge that a teacher is close by to understand them, to support them, to engage with them and to be with them.

Our teachers do this by allowing for plenty of opportunities for one-to-one communication through care experiences and encourage children to initiate conversation. Our Teachers hold the image of the child as capable, competent, and curious and strive to meet each individual children’s interests and passions with learning opportunities that inspire.

It is the teacher’s role to observe the children, support their learning and to gently guide them to accept challenges and solve problems. The Tui room teachers provide many and varied experiences that allow the children to learn about their world through a range of play materials, books and pictures.
An introduction to tools and materials for arts and crafts are available to experiment with, such as paint, glue and clay along with opportunities to learn about their body through movements.

Our Tui children benefit from an environment that provides continual sensorial and open ended experiences to foster cognitive, emotional, social and fine/gross motor development.

New children starting

To make your child’s transition smoother into the Tui room, we recommend a minimum of four visits. For new children starting at the centre, we would like visits to start two weeks prior to your child’s start date. The first visit is ideally at 10:00am on the selected day of your choice for one hour and you must stay with your child. This allows your child to become familiar with our environment and routine.

Before you leave after the first visit, the Head Teacher/Centre Admin will arrange more visits with you. It is ideal to have between four and six visits before starting, and times can be more flexible suiting you and your child.